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The cost of not having insurance is just too high.

Insurance protects you from the financial impact of big losses. It should be part of each person’s financial plan.

Homeowners insurance is a must for all home owners, regardless of where you live and the types of natural hazards your area is prone to, you need to protect yourself from every angle and against any unforseen events that could happen in the blink of an eye.

The players on the insurance market whether genuine or not are numerous and one does not know whom to trust.

Should you buy your insurance policy from the bank who grants you the loan? Should you buy your insurance cover from the car dealer?

What you should do is to turn to an independant professional broker in the insurance field whose job is to accompany you in the process of analysis and choice.

Our duties do not stop at this. We will be there for you throughout the year assisting in claims handling.


Basic property insurance usually covers losses caused by fire or explosion, theft, impact.
But policies could also cover the following risks amongst others:

– Earthquake : covers property that is damaged by earthquake. It is however usually subject to a deductible that is based on a percentage of the property’s value.
– Water damage
– Glass breakage
– Neighbours recourse: covers your liability towards neighbours according to the provisions of art 122 to 127 and 131 of the Lebanese “code des obligations et contrats.”
– Tenants liability : covers your liability at law as tenant of the insured premises as per art 566 & 567 of the Lebanese ” code des obligations et des contrats”.

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