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Motor Policies

Several plans covering motor vehicles are being proposed on the Lebanese market through several channels of distribution.

The players on the insurance market whether genuine or not are numerous and one does not know whom to trust.

Should you buy your insurance policy from the bank who grants you the loan? Should you buy your insurance cover from the car dealer?

What you should do is to turn to an independant professional broker in the insurance field whose job is to accompany you in the process of analysis and choice.

Our duties do not stop at this. We will be there for you throughout the year assisting in claims handling.

Compulsory Cover

As of April 5th 2003, you are required to purchase a compulsory motor policy that covers bodily injury caused to third parties resulting from a road accident.

Open the link and download the pdf document to learn more about decree 9585 that defines the application of law decree 105.

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