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Each year more people claim on their insurance for private medical treatment. The number , sophistication and costs of treatments to improve quality of life are increasing steadily. Likewise the sophistication and complexity of tests used to diagnose illness and injury are also increasing. Such tests are becoming far more widely available in private hospitals and diagnosis centers.

Your choice of cover will affect what you pay: paying an excess ( in other words paying part of a claim yourself), choosing a different grade of hospital accommodation, choosing to receive a treatment at a specified hospital……There may also be other factors that affect your premium; as people get older they are more likely to need and receive medical treatment which means that private medical insurance premiums will usually increase with age to reflect this.

You might be asked to fill in a form or medical history declaration, where you would be asked to provide details of your medical history. Your application form, or any declaration you make to your insurer is very important. In fact it forms the basis of your contract with your insurer.
It is essential that you give all the information you are asked for. If you are not sure whether or not to mention something it is best to do so. Personal information (especially medical details) will be treated with absolute confidentiality.



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