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Saving plans

Anyone who has flown on a commercial airline has heard the attendants give this safety message : In the event of a loss of a cabin pressure, oxygen masks will appear; please put your mask on first and then assist a child sitting next to you. The simple message is that unless you have oxygen, you won't be much help to your kids.

The same thing goes for your financial security. Don't put your retirement savings on hold for any reason. Plan your retirement, start young. When you are in your twenties just starting your career, retirement seems a lifetime away. It's never too soon to start saving.

Retirement plans

For many young workers just starting off in the workforce, fresh out of school, retirement is probably the last thing on their mind. The most urgent financial issue can be paying off credit card debts and getting a reliable new car. The truth is that you cannot afford not to save for your retirement. Start small and contribute to an investment plan and increase your contribution every time you get a raise. Contact our offices and we can help you plan for your retirement.

The cost of quality education can run in thousands of US Dollars and as a parent you want to provide the very best for your children. You can start saving towards the type of education your child deserves by contacting our offices and letting us provide you with a tailor made solution.



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